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Genre: Thriller/Horror

Tired of being invisible and bullied at high school, Xing, a cynical Chinese immigrant with an amazing voice, vows to land the lead in the Christmas musical at any cost, but when he becomes the lead suspect in a series of student abductions and murders, Xing must prove that he doesn’t fit their profile before the whole town turns against him and the true killer goes free.



Xing, a cynical Chinese immigrant in a predominantly white high school in upstate New York, hates being invisible. He wants to be recognized by his peers rather than bullied by them because of his ethnic background. When he rediscovers his amazing singing voice, he becomes determined to sing the lead in the Christmas musical so he can win both the adulation of the town and the heart of his best friend, Naomi.

Life becomes complicated when Jan Blair, a transfer student from Deep South, develops an interest in Xing. Pale, gaunt and eerily quiet, Jan is also a bully victim and a reminder to Xing of everything he hates about himself. Her pursuit of him drives a wedge between him and Naomi.

As Xing immerses himself in voice lessons in order to win the coveted lead role, a series of abductions and murders start afflicting the school. After Xing’s rival for the lead role disappears, Xing is given the part, which raises more suspicion. As students continue to vanish, it becomes impossible to overlook the fact that every victim is linked to the Chinese outcast and each murder seems to move him a step closer to his goals.

Despite the pressures of the investigation, Xing’s singing continues to improve, and he finally realizes that his gift in music is the reason his parents brought him to America initially. He knows he must seize the opportunity to realize his dream and to win the love of his life even as circumstantial evidence continues to mount against him. Xing knows that he is innocent, and when Jan disappears only hours before the musical, he finds himself in a position to prove his innocence and become the hero by unmasking the true killer.


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